October 26, 2024

Will You Be At The Best Party On May 4th?

Scottsdale, Arizona

As Good As It Gets: Perfect Weather Is Forecast!


Will You Be At The Best Party On May 4th?

Sixteen days and counting. Will you be at Arizona’s best and only Kentucky Derby party on May 4th at Turf Paradise with live racing and betting just feet in front of you?

The Derby DayClub is hosted along the grass on Turf Paradise’s rail near its finish line. Inside the Polo Party-style tents you’ll find drinks, DJ, betting terminals, and TVs to watch the Kentucky Derby while watching live racing in front of you too. It’s the ultimate “party on the rail.”

The Derby DayClub is a production of the Bentley Scottsdale Polo Championships. The event sold out its first three years and third row reserved tables are already gone. All ticket and table options can be found here. All reserved table purchases include a complimentary bottle of champagne. There will be no better way to celebrate a great American tradition. It’s now nearly two weeks away. We hope to see you there.



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