October 26, 2024

Make Reservations Now For Upcoming Scottsdale Polo Party Or Make Excuses Later

Scottsdale, Arizona

As Good As It Gets: Perfect Weather Is Forecast!


With Just Three Months To Go Before The Bentley Scottsdale Polo Championships, Better Make Reservations Now Or You Will Have To Make Excuses Later.

The best reserved seats tend to go quickly at the Bentley Scottsdale Polo Championships November 5th at Westworld of Scottsdale. What better way to take in four exciting polo matches plus fashion shows and stunning car displays than from the comfort of one of our luxury tents such as The Molina Fine Jewelers Drivers and Players VIP Lounge, the Barrett-Jackson Champagne and Jazz Lounge, and Prime: A Luxury Tent Experience by Steak 44, Neiman Marcus, and Barrett-Jackson.

For a list of all options Click Here.

In the unlikely chance you forget to reserve your space here are some possible excuses.
1. I am not a fan of water sports.
(You have us confused with water polo. Our matches are played on a stunning 300-yard-long polo field)

2. I am worried Nic Roldan will steal my girlfriend.
(Nic may be a professional model and one of the top polo players in the world, but he is a nice guy and will be too busy to steal anyone’s girlfriend.)

3. I didn’t like polo when I played it with my friends as a child. I never could find the other kids in the pool.
(Again that’s the wrong sport, you have us confused with Marco Polo)

4. I am allergic to fun.
(There are some amazing new treatments and shots for those who have fun allergies. In fact, most bartenders agree that shots are the best cure for those allergic to fun.)

5. I heard WestWorld was overrun by dangerous robots.
(Actually, that’s just a TV show.)


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