October 26, 2024

The Compelling Story of Work To Ride Alum Richard Prather’s Parents

Scottsdale, Arizona

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Richard Prather played for the Work to Ride team, a nationally recognized polo team based in Philadelphia whose focus is to introduce the sport of polo to children in the inner city. He has since gone on to earn three college degrees.4039024_1430482566.7513

Richard was born into a unique home in Philadelphia. He was one of 12 children. Seven of his siblings had special needs. Despite those challenges Richard’s parents, Linda and Barry remained optimistic and managed to keep and maintain an ageing home which they are now  unable to repair.

Linda and Barry are preparing to retire. Now that the last of their special needs children have transitioned to supervise independent living. As empty nesters, they are struggling to repair their home in the hopes of selling it and buying a motor home and seeing the United States, fulfilling a lifelong dream.

To learn more about Richard and his parents click here.

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