Players & Teams

After another record-breaking Scottsdale Polo Party in 2019, the Bentley Scottsdale Polo Championships: Presented by Talking Stick Resort will be taking place on November 7, 2020. This year’s event will feature Work To Ride (featured on HBO, ESPN & 60 Minutes), and the Celebrity Cruises Match supporting Arizona Equine Rescue and Southwest Wildlife. This year will also see teams from Arizona, Denver Polo Club and a National Women’s team. Saturday will have three matches.

Arizona Polo Club

Join them at the Scottsdale Horsemen Park at WestWorld polo field during their 2019-2020 season, and watch or participate in some exciting polo matches. For a schedule of upcoming matches, visit

Denver Polo Club

Denver Polo Club has been Colorado’s premier international polo club for more than three decades. It hosts major events each year offering Colorado’s best—great polo in a great climate—to people around the world. The club is family owned and operated and open to anyone.

Celebrity Cruises Polo Team (Southwest Wildlife)

Tareq Salahi, Captain of the IPT United States Polo Team will be leading the Celebrity Cruises Polo Team in support of Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center team. Southwest Wildlife rescues and rehabilitates injured and sick wildlife with the goal of releasing them back into the wild. They have over 300 animals in their facility including bears, mountain lions and wolves. Joining Tareq is Marcos Bignoli, who started playing at 10 years old and is part of the Polito Pieres (10 goaler) organization and John Gobin, considered one of the top U.S. polo players in the world. The Celebrity Cruises Polo Team competes internationally representing cruise lines and various travel partners. More information about Southwest Wildlife can be found at

EPR Polo Team (Arizona Equine Rescue)

Leading the Arizona Equine Rescue Organization Team is Jared Sheldon who has been playing professional polo for the past 12 years and won the US Open 2 times, as well as numerous other gladiator polo tournaments. This all volunteer organization is dedicated to helping law enforcement with neglect and cruelty cases involving equine, rehabilitation and rehoming of horses with extreme medical conditions, assisting police and fire with livestock emergency response services, and helping at-risk youth build leadership skills through their character education program. Joining Jared is Luciano Vazquez of Argentina who has played polo all over the world. Completing the team is Alex Bryant from Midland, Texas who has been competing for 2 years. More information about Arizona Equine Rescue Organization can be found at

Work To Ride

Featured on HBO, ESPN & 60 Minutes, Work to Ride program is an educational non-profit founded in 1994 by Lezlie Hiner, a tenacious woman with a passion for horses and a vision to teach inner-city kids to ride, play polo, and succeed in life. The program offers children the opportunity not only to learn the sport of polo—but to excel at it. Just five years after its founding, Work to Ride’s high school players made history as the nation’s first competitive polo team comprised entirely of African American athletes. The program, which now has a class of approximately 60 athletes of all ages and backgrounds, has since won both regional and national titles at the prestigious Interscholastic Polo Championship—a testament to the degree of talent and dedication that Work to Ride fosters.

National Women’s Team

Polo is a unique sport where men and women can compete together as opponents and teammates. A National Women’s Team will be playing in a Battle of the Sexes Match against The Men Work To Ride (featured on HBO, ESPN & 60 Minutes). The National Women’s Team includes: Natalie Grancharov and Sheryl Slick