October 26, 2024

Basics of The Game

Scottsdale, Arizona

As Good As It Gets: Perfect Weather Is Forecast!


Things to know about polo before attending the event:

  • The goal is to move the small white ball down the field and in between the opposing team’s goalposts to score a point
  • The team with the most points at the end of all four chukkers, periods of play, wins!
  • Players ride on ponies, called “mounts” and switch ponies each period of play, chukka
  • Standard equipment for each payer includes a long-handled wood mallet, a helmet with chin-strap, knee guards, white breeches, boots, and a saddle. to hit the ball
  • Traditionally, there are four players and four mounts (ponies) per team on the field at one time. The Scottsdale Polo Championships plays with three players on each side due to field size.
  • Polo must be played right-handed

Players play a particular position that corresponds with the number on their jersey.

  • Player 1: This player is the primary offense, hitting the ball through the enemy’s goal.
  • Player 2: This player is both offense and defense, either scoring themselves or protecting Player 1. This player requires the fastest pony.
  • Player 3: This player is the strategic leader, and a powerful hitter, getting the ball to the offensive players.
  • Player 4: This player is the primary defense; protecting the team’s goal is their number one priority.